Holiday Helpers Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill hosts some of my favorite writing contests for picture book writers! Simple, short, and often silly – they always challenge me to stretch my writing muscles…and more than one picture book manuscript has been inspired by them!

Here’s my entry for the Holiday Helpers Edition! Enjoy!

The Christmas Corgi

Dash, the Christmas corgi,

Tries so hard to do his part.

He might be small in stature, 

But he has a helpful heart!

But Dash can’t wrap the presents.

He’s too short to trim the trees.

And if he tries to shovel snow –  

His stubby legs will freeze!

The cookies are too tempting,

And he can’t quite reach the lights.

And have you ever heard a corgi…

Singing “Silent Night?”

He can’t harness the reindeer,

Or help put together toys.

And Dash can’t read the letters 

Sent by all the girls and boys.

He’s too small to pull Santa’s sled;

His nose will never glow.

So Dash can’t shine the way

Through storms of swirling, blowing snow.

But if you’ve had a long, hard night,

Of flying through the cold…

If climbing down chimneys and stairs 

has left you feeling old…

If you need something soft and warm 

to help you get some rest…

For snuggles, fluff, and love,

A Christmas corgi is the best!

Thanks for reading! 😉

And if any of my fellow PB writers ever need another set of eyes – don’t forget, I offer $35 detailed critiques for manuscripts up to 1000 words! I’d love to help you make your story shine!

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