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Gardens Are for Growing, Familius Publishing, 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, there are few places where one can escape the noise and focus on something real.  A garden is one of those magical places. In this poignant picture book, a father teaches his young daughter the simple pleasures of the garden…and of life.  Requiring attention, care, discipline, and patience – the growing of a garden is not so unlike raising a child!

M is for Missouri, Familius Publishing, 2022

Let’s Count Missouri, Familius Publishing, 2022

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Conquering Content Vocabulary, Scholastic, 2018

Learning domain-specific vocabulary requires more than just memorizing definitions. Students must understand how the various terms connect with one another in order to fully internalize the content they need to know. Concept sorts are the answer! This book details how best to use concept sorts and includes extension activities and reproducible word and picture cards for 15 key topics in science, social studies, and math. A remarkably easy way to expand students” vocabulary and comprehension!