Critiques and Developmental Editing

As a published author and veteran secondary teacher, I have the experience and know-how to help you take your writing from mess to masterpiece! Whether you need a big-idea critique or detailed developmental editing, I can provide you with feedback that is actionable, affordable and targeted to YOUR goals and needs.

  • Author of Conquering Content Vocabulary (Scholastic, 2018), God Made You Too (Worthy Kids, 2022), and Gardens Are for Growing (Familius, 2022).
  • Published in regional and national publications including this piece (Teaching Tolerance, 2017).
  • Highlights Foundation scholarship recipient for picture book writing in 2017.
  • SCBWI member, represented by Lisa Amstutz of Storm Literary Agency.

.005-.02 cents per word

Critique ONLY (.005 cpw) – You will receive a detailed email analyzing your manuscript’s marketability, the strengths and weaknesses of plot, theme, voice, character development, etc. No line-by-line comments.

Developmental Edit (.02 cpw) – Includes overall critique (above), as well as in-text comments throughout the manuscript with specific, actionable guidance. Does NOT include proofreading.

$65 for up to 1000 words/ $45 for subsequent rounds on the same manuscript

An in-depth critique/developmental edit of one picture book manuscript (up to 1000 words). You will receive both in-text comments and an email analyzing big ideas and themes, readability and clarity, structure, length, marketability, plot, illustration notes, etc.

If you would like another round of feedback on the same manuscript after you’ve made revisions, the cost for subsequent rounds is $45.

This service does not include proofreading for spelling, grammar, etc. (It can be added on for $5 per double-spaced page, but I recommend waiting until after you’ve completed revisions.)

$150 for up to 5 manuscripts

Sometimes you need someone to help you see the big picture. If you have multiple completed manuscripts but aren’t sure which one to focus on, or how to proceed, this is the service for you. Submit up to 5 picture book manuscripts (under 1000 words each) and I’ll give you detailed email feedback on overall strengths and weaknesses, considerations for either traditional or self-publishing, and recommend an approach to help you achieve your publishing goals. Expect about 1-2 pages of feedback.

This service does not include in-text comments on each manuscript.

Email me at for more information!

Chelsea and I were critique partners for a few months and I absolutely adore her work. She has an eye for detail and has always given me valuable feedback. She focuses on all aspects of critiquing, from sentence level corrections to the overall impact of the manuscript. Chelsea’s feedback is eye-opening, clear and detailed and she is well-versed with the picture book market and expectations while querying. Thank you so much, Chelsea!

Anushi Mehta, author of Burrito Has a Butterbody, 2018; Fear and I, 2020; and Mubeen’s Globe, 2021.

Chelsea was extremely helpful with her suggestions and critiques with my manuscript. I love all her ideas and feel excited to move forward with editing my book. I will definitely be using her services again. I highly recommend her.

Cindy Grant, author of “Oodles and Oodle of Noodley Noodles”

Working with Chelsea did more than evolve my story; it evolved my writing on the whole.  if I am honest with myself, I submitted my manuscript to her a little too early.  Instead of rejecting me outright or giving me a scathing review (both would have been her right), she worked with me, calmly guiding me.  Part of her feedback was clear-cut correction (eg – “while, not yet”), but most of it was suggestion and ideas – she allowed me to come to my own conclusions and keep the story my own.  Because of her patience and insight, and the manner with which she conveyed it, I feel I have already grown immensely as an author.

Working with her was a dream come true.  Chelsea was always prompt with her responses, met every deadline she stated, and gave detailed feedback specific to parts of the story.  It wasn’t just a general overview of feedback – it was nuanced and contextual.  What I appreciated the most is that she didn’t just prescribe “you should change X to Y” corrections, instead she suggested multiple ways I could resolves the issues in my writing.  This really allowed me to regroup, think about the story as a whole, and then adapt the story based on my vision.  In other words, she provided me what should be changed and why, but I remained the author.

I didn’t know what to expect when I sent off my manuscript, but I assure you, Chelsea exceeding all expectations.  It was a true pleasure getting to know her along the way as she helped me refine my book.  And when (not if!) I start on my next book, I will work with Chelsea again. 

Greg O’Hare, author

Chelsea’s wonderful work on my middle grade project is paying off. I have landed a literary agent who will start to send my work out for national submission! I know that I couldn’t have done it without both Chelsea’s conceptual and line edits. They made my work look more polished and professional than if I had tried to do it alone!

Angelle Terrell, author

I was the lucky winner of a free critique from Chelsea. She is fantastic! She finished my critique quickly and has been very easy to talk to. She has had some great suggestions for my story. I would highly recommend!

Lindsey Hobson, author

Among all the editors I met, Chelsea was the one whose comments really inspired me to look at my whole story differently. She really has a gift in teaching,and i felt like a student being taught by an inspiring teacher.Based on her suggestions, i edited my work and submitted my manuscript to a traditional indie publisher. Fast forward to today, the publisher emailed me this week that they want to publish my book!Even though it was a sample edit, her comments became part of my inner editor. And really impacted me a lot in such an unexpected and wonderful way!

Kristin Lim, author

I recommend Chelsea 100%! She won’t leave you hanging for weeks or take all your money! She is thoughtful, reasonable and has an amazing talent! I will use her again and again!

Sarah Hennes, author